MARTIN GIFTS!                      YOUR PERSONALIZATION                       SPECIALIST!

Welcome to Martin Gifts store. An online PERSONALIZED Gift store. When I retired I was overjoyed that I could finally start crafting full time! 
So many beautiful things to make and so little time. LOL
I was, and still am, having so much fun crafting, and learning how to take great photographs. Eventually, I had so many gifts I ran out of friends and family to give them too.
What to do, what to do? ETSY! Why not sell them! Why not go in business with my partner of forty-eight years! GREAT IDEA! I'm full of them. HAHAHAHA!
So that's what we are doing. Working side by side, having a wonderful time together too!. I AM BLESSED!
I am also very grateful to have met so many wonderful artistic people who share ideas, time and prayers.
We now specialize in 'Quotation Tiles'. We also have over 750 quotation tiles shown on A unique, special message, for that special friend, family, LOVER or foe! LOL
We work with local business shops and artists on a wholesale level also. We reproduce their art, paintings, watercolors, photographs, drawings, writings, and children's art onto beautiful, quality items and gifts.
So don't send any 'ole manufactured gift! Send a thoughtful, time filled handmade with love gift. Why send a plain card that you put in a box in a closet when you can send a 'Quotation Tile'.
A beautiful 4.25"x4.25' ceramic tile that you display on a shelf, a counter or your desk that makes you smile every time you see it. A photo, or quote, or saying, or message that will give you a moment to breathe and remember the one who sent it, with love. BjB xoxo