Acrylic Photo Panel - 8"x 10" New Baby


Acrylic Photo Panel - Curved Acrylic - NEW BABY

ColorLyte Acrylic Panel, 8”x 10” Gently curved.
ColorLyte Acrylic is a breakthrough product in the sublimation industry.
Colors on this durable acrylic are vibrant and crisp.

The image can be enjoyed from front or back and illumination increases the effect.
Graduation, wedding, birthday, or any occasion.

We can customize this with your picture of a pet, a baby, a house, wedding photo, etc.

Personalize your Acrylic Panel with your beautiful photo. Just click 'Request a custom order' and send us a conversation email and jpeg of your photo.


Daisies always make me happy. These were taken in Connecticut at Harkness Park. Enjoy! It is so beautiful when the light is on them and shines through the clear Acrylic!

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